Tips for Turning to Nature to Nurture Ourselves

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August 28, 2019
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October 2, 2019
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Tips for Turning to Nature to Nurture Ourselves

Spending mindful time in nature is beneficial for our body and soul.

We spend our time increasingly indoors, especially if we live in urban areas.  Yet, we are meant to be connected to the natural world, taking in nature through our senses.

Seek opportunities to take time out, slow down, and connect with nature.

Leave your camera and phone at home, or if you must carry either, put them in your purse or backpack and be sure to silence your phone.

Make a conscious effort to be in nature for at least 20 minutes every day.  If you live in a city, attempt to find a park. Be intentional about where you look. Gaze upward through the trees into the sky.

Try these tips:

Walk aimlessly and slowly.

Touch the trees. Notice colors and patterns.

Breathe deeply.

Follow your nose.  Let your body guide you.  Listen to your heart.

Take your time.

Savor the sounds, smells, and sights in nature.

Take off your shoes and socks to feel the grass or the sand … as a way to help de-stress.

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