Tips for Making Our Day Productive and Satisfying

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April 30, 2019
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Tips for Making Our Day Productive and Satisfying

We all have morning habits, healthy and not so healthy, that can set the tone for our days. We may not even be aware of the impact of these habits. We all have the option to wake up with a mindset that encourages us to make the most of our day and improves our ability to face daily challenges. It can take patience and time to develop healthier habits and we can make it easier by incorporating a few changes one at a time:

Skip the “first thing, as soon as you wake up” morning screen time.

Move your body, slowly and with intention, breathing into each movement. 

Create time to read something inspirational or motivational.

Take a moment to “breathe in” in nature, or focus on a natural view outside of a window or a picture of someplace in nature. 

With a clear mind, set goals for the day.

Eat a sustaining breakfast.


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