Tips for Learning New Things No Matter How Old We Are

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November 4, 2019
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Tips for Learning New Things No Matter How Old We Are

Learning new things is good for our emotional and physiological health.  Novel experiences stimulates the release of the chemical dopamine, and causes the brain to build connections among

neurons. This is important as we age, for we can replace and activate some connections that we lose over time. The brain is ever changing.  By learning and practicing a new skill, we increase the

density of myelin, the white matter in our brains that helps us improve performance in various tasks.  And, as we stimulate neurons in the brain and form more neural pathways, we can increase

the rate that the electrical impulses travel across those pathways. This combination of activities helps us learn better as well as serve as a protective measure to declining cognition.

Consider these tips:

Expand your knowledge by reading or listening to books, podcasts, online courses, particularly about new subjects or those you want to learn more about.

Read about your industry or hobby, and learn from and interact with other people.

Study a new skill or language.

Teach someone something you know well.  Break it down into steps and help them learn what you know.


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