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March 19, 2020
Emotions during COVID-19
May 1, 2020
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Tips for Deepening Quality Connections

Connection is protection.  The more connected we feel, the safer we feel.  How do we manage that when we need to practice physical distancing?  Many of us are feeling alienated and unsafe because we are disconnected from those with whom we normally interact.


It’s normal to feel anxiety, depression, and fear during this time when we are at home.  We feel it within ourselves, and observe it in others.


We can have compassion for ourselves and others, as we recognize that our own (and others’) limits to what each of us can tolerate.  Being mindful of our emotions can help us make wise choices about how we “self-regulate” when we feel overwhelmed.  In addition, mindful communication can deepen relationships and strengthen our connections, enhancing them so that we can enjoy them more as we nurture each other.


We can reach out to others, as well as connect with our own selves through activities such as meditating, listening to music, looking at art, or gardening.



Show up more fully Presence is nurturing.  Connecting with a friend through FaceTime can be sustaining and mutually beneficial especially when we make the effort to be present.  We can talk with someone about a shared memory, described in detail, each contributing a specific recollection so that both feel nourished by the connection.


Notice the Good.  It is easy to dwell on the isolation and what is absent from our lives right now.  It takes intention and effort to notice the good things, and stay with those thoughts and feelings.  It may be helpful to think of someone in our lives who is important to us, and then ask ourselves what makes them important to us.  What is it about this person we appreciate? Making the time and effort to reflect on what we value about this person can help us feel more connected.


Express Appreciation. Identify one thing someone has said or done in the last few days or week that you appreciate. Let that person know how their actions made you feel and why you appreciate what they said or did.



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