The Kindness Advantage

The Kindness Advantage: Cultivating Compassionate and Connected Children

The Kindness Advantage: Cultivating Compassionate and Connected Children

by Dale Atkins, Ph.D. and Amanda Salzhauer, MSW

In homes and school communities nationwide, there is re-energized interest in the values of community, compassion, and tolerance, and in finding our way to a kinder culture—a culture that starts with our families. Headlines speak of hate crimes, intolerance, and us-versus-them divisiveness.

Recent political events have left many Americans yearning for unity, respect, and compassion in our national discourse. In our schools, bullying continues to be a pervasive problem, and in our homes, “screen-time” poses a constant threat to “family time.” Research indicates that connection and social engagement are key to successful, fulfilling lives, and yet we have never been less connected than we are now.

Perhaps more than any other group, parents recognize the potential damage of this trend. Children who are raised in a culture where giving and compassion are valued become happier and more positively engaged with those around them.  They are less likely to treat others disrespectfully. With increased concern about meanness and bullying, you may be among the many parents who see the need for more civil, respectful, and considerate behavior among our children.

The Kindness Advantage: Cultivating Compassionate and Connected Children, authored by Dr. Dale Atkins, Ph.D., is a practical compassion book for parents to teach their children empathy and compassion, how to impact and influence others, and cultivate what matters.

We all benefit when children are raised with the understanding that they can impact and influence others by making conscious choices. It’s never too early to start your child on a path of fulfillment through meaningful connection with others.  Designed to be read with children as young as 4 years, the book offers 10 fundamental concepts to weave into your family’s daily life. Using text, quotes, questions and real-life stories, The Kindness Advantage is the first compassion book parents need to think about and teach the necessary skills to be a kind, and yes, compassionate person. Each idea on its own is simple and unintimidating, yet together they form the powerful foundation that parents need – extending beyond teaching “please” and “thank you” – to teach empathy and kindness habits to their children that will last a lifetime.

In a world where kindness is so greatly needed, The Kindness Advantage offers inspiration and activities to teach kids empathy, to cultivate what matters most, to inspire a culture of compassion and connection, and to empower children to make a difference in their community and in the world.