Finding Resilience When Facing Personal Hardship Experiences

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February 4, 2020
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March 3, 2020
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Finding Resilience When Facing Personal Hardship Experiences

When everything is going our way, life is great.  Things fall into place and we can see possibilities and opportunities easily.  We can become attached to these feelings and never want them to end.  We may expect that they will not end.

Then something happens and our world changes, and we come to view life as as unpleasant or difficult.  We want to return to where we were before, but things have changed.

Our outlook may become negative, as our emotions darken. We may take actions that only serve to lengthen or deepen our hardship.

However, negativity is not an optimal way to deal with any situation.

The negative approach influences the way we perceive a situation, filtering what we see, and prolonging our distress.  While things may not be ideal, when we come to accept life as it is now, we can begin to focus on dealing with a situation not as we wish it were, but as it is.

We can begin by working to change our perceptions. We do have a conscious choice of where we want to look, and of what we see.  That choice is to decide if we will focus on the negative or on the positive.

If you look at the negative you feel negative and you become negative. And the reverse is true with the positive. There is always positive and negative.  Some people attract the negative; it is all they see.  In focusing on the positive, we increase our chances of lightening our outlook, which in turn can help us find a way to deal with any situation much more optimally.

Focus on the positive. This means we are aware of and acknowledge the negative but we don’t focus on it. We keep coming back to the positive.
If you focus on the positive everything changes.

Negative experiences must be let go. Including letting go of negative memories.  We will not have peace unless we let them go. Keep positive thoughts and memories, and our resilience in the face of unexpected hardships and experiences will strengthen.  In this way, we can be more at peace.   Remember that everything is temporary and nothing lasts forever, good or bad.

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