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During the pandemic, Dr Atkins is scheduling classes, talks, workshops, and seminars with companies, organizations, and groups virtually.

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Kindness and Self Care – The Key to Staying Resilient

To stay engaged and connected to purpose in both our professional and personal lives, it helps when we incorporate kindness (to self and others) into our daily lives. This is particularly important as we navigate through uncertainties. We’ll be discussing the barriers that can get in our way, the science […]

Kindness and Your Team – Leading Well Through All Our Next “Normals”

Leaders at all levels can benefit from understanding how leadership from a place of kindness can transform a team and help it navigate through change. You’ll learn some of the basics of incorporating kindness into conversations and meetings while building on strengths of each team member. We’ll also explore what […]

The Intersection of Resilience, Patience, and Kindness During the Pandemic

Presentation for Parents Associations of Little Dolphins by the Sea Preschool and Seven Arrows Elementary School (Virtual) You're invited to Seven Arrows' upcoming Parent Education Workshop with author and psychologist, Dr. Dale Atkins. Dale's talk, The Intersection of Resilience, Patience, and Kindness During a Pandemic, will explore how we can […]

Remaining Resilient in the Midst of a Pandemic: A Dialogue with Dr. Dale Atkins

AccessCircles is partnering with The Committee of 200 to offer an exclusive three-part series on “Optimal Performance”: Three Dialogues focused on maximizing our health and wellbeing to steer us forward in the new year. This program has been designed exclusively by AccessCircles for C200 Members and AccessCircles Members only. Our […]

The Best Antidote for Loneliness is Kindness

Presented by The Whizin Center for Continuing Education at American Jewish University (Virtual) Back by popular demand! This past year has brought a new understanding of loneliness and isolation, but also of empathy and compassion for ourselves and one another. Join renowned therapist Dr. Dale Atkins as she offers a […]

Through A Jewish Lens: Nurturing Kindness in Your Children

Join Dale Atkins Phd, co-author of The Kindness Advantage & Rabbi Mitch for an in-depth conversation based on our Jewish traditions and values. We will explore the fundamentals and benefits of kindness. You will learn to recognize and incorporate kindness into your daily life with your children. Temple Sholom, Greenwich, […]

Antisemitism on Campus: Are We Ensuring a Safe Environment for the Jewish Community?

Sponsored by the CT ADL (Anti-Defamation League), The Jewish Federation of Hartford, CT and The Simon Wiesenthal Center. Dr. Dale Atkins moderates this WEBINAR featuring national experts in the field as well as students on college campuses. Panelists include Frederick M. Lawrence and Ethan Felson. The rise of antisemitism on […]

Dale Atkins: Tikkun Olam and The Advantages of Aging with Kindness

Join DR. DALE ATKINS as she explores the multifaceted positive relationship between kindness and healthy aging. She will share research and specific examples of the ways that acts of kindness toward ourselves and others affect our total well-being. Senior Connections, Temple Beth El, Reform Judaism, Santa Cruz Style (Virtual) Zoom […]