Having a “Moment”
November 3, 2014
November 13, 2014
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Differing Emotions at Once

Our hearts can open with joy and break from sadness in what feels like a simultaneous moment.

We have the capacity to hold what we may think are “conflicting” emotions.  Often we label and judge them.  Once we enter that “space” we limit our ability to access what is at the root of the feeling.  We can simply observe our emotional responses.  Sit with the feeling.  In those moments, we may become aware of the source of our feeling.  We may discover what triggered it.  When has it come up before?  What is it about?  If we were less eager to polarize our emotions we might be more accepting of them.  We have the capacity to experience a range of emotions.  Instead of thinking of them as “conflicting” with each other we can see them as “different” from one another.  It can be liberating and humanizing to observe what we are feeling, without judgment.

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