Coping with Crises: Anxiety & Depression during COVID-19 and Beyond

Doug Mennin and Dr. Dale Atkins provide techniques and tools to help navigate the additional stresses brought on by the pandemic. They will also discuss issues of access and equity for mental health.

The Kindness Advantage

Welcome to The Human Journey Colloquia Series at Sacred Heart University. In this series we invite speakers and topics that engage fundamental questions of our human experience. Tonight, we are delighted to introduce Dr. Dale Atkins, author of The Kindness Advantage, who will discuss one of our most important human capacities – the capacity for empathy and compassion.

How to Raise Kind Children

Dr. Dale Atkins reveals tips on how to raise kind children.

Heart to Heart: Mourning and Loss

In this special Live Stream episode GW4W engaged in an insightful conversation focused on grief, mourning, and loss. Our hosts, GW4W CEO, Mim Senft and Board Member, Shaillee J. Chopra were joined with Dr. Dale Atkins, Nancy Board and Lynette Davis. Global Women 4 Wellbeing (GW4W) is a 501c3 nonprofit org. with a mission to empower healthy female leaders at all levels for a more sustainable world.

Finding Kindness and Resilience as a Couple During COVID

Dr. Dale Atkins is the guest of Rabbi Yossi Deren of the Chabad Lubavitch of Greenwich and speaks about how to get through difficult times with your spouse and the importance of kindness and resilience, not just in normal times, but also during these challenging COVID times. It’s not just advice for married couples having problems but offers real tools for couples to communicate better and to deepen their connection with one another.

Enhancing Self-Compassion

Enhancing Self-Compassion: self-compassion plays a critical role in helping us develop and sustain healthy self-care practices. Alzheimer’s changes the person who has it and it also has the potential to change the caregiver. How have you changed as a caregiver for someone who has Alzheimer’s or related dementia. Who are you and who have you become? How has becoming a caregiver altered your sense of who you are? How do you retain the essence of who you are?

Compassionate Kids: How Families Can Foster Empathy & Activism

Dr. Dale Atkins is a frequent guest on TODAY with Hoda and Jenna. In this TODAY segment from 6/24/20, watch as Dr. Atkins talks about Compassionate Kids: How Families Can Foster Empathy & Activism.

NBC Today Show on The Myths About Millennials

How millennials see life differently from boomers. Psychologist Dr. Dale Atkins and Dan Schawbel from Millennial Branding discuss how the 80 million “millennials” have a different set of core values and attributes, including marrying later in life, and preferring unemployment to taking jobs they hate.

How to Age Gratefully and Gracefully

Only 25% of what we consider aging is physical and mental. The rest is the result of harmful and destructive stereotypes. Genetics account for 30% of how we age. 70% of how we age is up to our behavior and everyday lifestyle choices. Dr. Atkins says to be open to the next stage in your life. Don’t let anyone else define it for you. Don’t be afraid of risk – it can only lead to growth.

How to Lead a Balanced Life

Dr. Dale Atkins shows women how to live a balanced life. She says it’s all about attitude, it’s all about really trying to figure out what’s important, what you want to do, when you want to do it, and then figuring out how to manage all of those balls that we’re all juggling all the time.

How Do We Get Out of Our Own Way?

Dr. Dale Atkins suggests to Timberly Whitfield on New Morning that, sometimes, we are our own worst enemy and that we should consider ourselves an ally instead of an enemy.

Sanity Savers: Tips for Women to Live a Balanced Life

On The Today Show with Ann Curry, Dr. Dale Atkins discusses Sanity Savers: Tips for Women to Live a Balanced Life, a book that advises women on how to tackle many of life’s stumbling blocks and how to overcome them.

What Type of Man Are You With?

A study in male personalities allows you to get a better understanding of the man that you’re with. Dr. Dale Atkins says that you really need to know yourself first which allows you to know what works for you, what you’re willing to give, and you also won’t be focused on changing the person down the road.

Marriage: Is the 3-Year Itch the New 7-Year Itch?

Dr. Dale Atkins visits the TODAY Show and suggests that men and women experience the “itch” equally. Further, men and women don’t pay as much attention to commitment and forget why they got together in the first place which is to build a life together, share their values, to respect one another, and to care about the other person even more than they care about themselves. Couples must accept and even make time for spontaneity in the face of household commitments, soccer games, and work.

The Balancing Act: When Father’s Work Too Much

Dr. Dale Atkins visits the TODAY Show and discusses the effects of father’s working too much.

Effects of Birth Order on Children

Dr. Dale Atkins talks with Matt Lauer on the TODAY Show about the effects of birth order on children and their personalities.

Dr. Dale Atkins Compilation

Dr. Dale Atkins has appeared on numerous television shows including Oprah, TODAY Show, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, Maury, and Montel, giving advice on a spectrum of relationships topics.

When Mars and Venus Converge | Relationships 101

Dr. Dale Atkins on Weekend TODAY with Amy Robach – Relationships 101 – When Mars and Venus Converge (Gender Convergence)

Interview with First Lady Laura Bush on TODAY Show

Dr. Dale Atkins Speaks with First Lady Laura Bush on the TODAY Show | Rules for Moving Back Home | Divorce